NewleafEV Electric Powered Beetle

NewleafEV Electric Powered Beetle

For over 100 years, internal combustion engines have powered motor vehicles around the world. These engines deliver high power outputs and excellent range. Despite these qualities, the fossil fuel powered automobile has two significant drawbacks.

1. They pollute the air with poisonous and environmentally damaging combustion byproducts.
2. Fossil fuels are a limited and increasingly expensive resource.

The road to change starts in the past.

Remember the old school Volkswagen Beetle? It would always start, would go anywhere, and was as economical as any car you could own. Imagine if there was a car like that which also fit with the environmental concerns of today.

Picture a classic that costs pennies to operate, never needs tune ups, doesn’t stop at gas stations, has zero tailpipe emissions and appreciates in value every year!

Impossible? Not if you’re ready to think outside the box.

NewLeaf EV is ready to make this dream come true. Starting with a classic VW or Porsche that you already own or that we supply, we convert it into a zero emissions vehicle without compromising its classic value.

Using one of the most advanced electric vehicle power systems available today, the vintage vehicle becomes a transportation alternative that saves money while you contribute to saving the planet. With a plug-in electric automobile based on a converted classic, you will be driving a unique car with a tiny carbon footprint.

Research shows that it takes the carbon dioxide equivalent of more than a year’s worth of fuel (500-700 gallons) to build a new vehicle. This is referred to as the vehicle’s embedded energy. If the car you have now is reasonably efficient, selling it to buy a new eco-friendly car may actually negate a lot of the benefit of driving a car that gets better mileage and has lower emissions.

A plug-in electric conversion may be the perfect answer; Reuse a classic car, install an electric power system and have a vehicle that costs pennies per mile to operate and has zero tailpipe emissions. It’s also a great investment since these vintage cars are appreciating in value every year! A great bonus; no gas stops, no oil changes, tune ups or valve adjustments.

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